About us

Our company has been working since 1996 and we are professionals and we can boast of great quality and excellent job performance, durable products … Which is not only a beautiful picture of your eye, but also recreation, entertainment a whole, because we produce: bath, log cabins, summerhouses, outdoor furniture, sand boxes, swings, flowerpots, wooden bridges, bowers, garden, terrace furniture, roof chips, wooden doors, cupboards, chests of drawers, lamps …


Oak – is a symbol of power, strength and longevity. Experienced craftsmen in our company makes furniture from solid oak. Branches, tubers, wood products emphasize the uniqueness of wood curvature. Different shapes and sizes of tables, benches and chairs will fit perfectly for terraces and gardens. Summerhouse is a great lee from sun and rain. Here are given just typical examples of the production which are currently in progress.


We recommended to easily repaint outdoor furniture and other wooden products once per season. If it is rainy weather it is advisable to turn toward benches and chairs at the table. Measurement, set of furniture and decorations you could choose on your own.

Dapkiškių km., Tauragės raj.
Phone. +370 610 29545
Email - laukobaldai@tvk.lt
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